Hotel Belroy

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We love sport


Enjoy your favourite sport during your stay

Benidorm offers all sorts of sports for everyone: families, young people, groups, or couples. Whatever you choose, Benidorm is your destination.

At the Belroy Resort, we help you to disconnect from your daily routine. Here are some suggestions:

  • Golf

    If you like golf, Benidorm is your ideal spot. If you are staying at the Belroy Resort, we invite you to discover golf in and around Benidorm.

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  • Hiking

    Many hiking routes await you in and around Benidorm. Experience them with your partner, alone or with friends. If you are staying at the Belroy Resort for a few days, consider one of our recommended itineraries and discover a different Benidorm.

    Discover the best hiking routes here
  • Beach running

    Live the unique experience of getting up at dawn, going to an urban beach and enjoying over six kilometres (more than 3 miles) of sand route or promenade along the beach. You’ll be able to escape the hustle and bustled before it starts a few hours later.